Sun, Dec 17, 2023

Cat's head poking out of deep snow

Tune in right meow!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

Rejected Fish album cover

Tropics (Studio version)

ShitKid • 2023

Not a Friend album cover

Not a Friend

Cosmic Kitten • 2020

Deadnettle album cover


Queen Chimera • 2022

Highway Hypnosis album cover

A Lil Close

Sneaks • 2019

Soft Palms album cover

Pretty Dancer

Soft Palms • 2020

Marbles / Walk in the Woods album cover


Snarls • 2020

Reverse album cover

It Flies Out

The Dagons • 2006

Old Song album cover

Old Song

Lady Pills • 2017

Interloper album cover


Momma • 2018

Hunger for a Way Out album cover

An Appetite

Sweeping Promises • 2020

Coming Down album cover

Girls Intuition

Dum Dum Girls • 2015

A Vision album cover

Saw the Light

Seapony • 2015

More Faithful album cover

Moon in my Mouth

No Joy • 2015

Drop In album cover

Drop In

Las Nubes • 2023

Axes album cover

Eight Steps

Electrelane • 2005

Sweet Plum album cover

Sweet Plum

Wavelette • 2021

Unrest/Unfeeling album cover

Hiding Place

gal pal • 2019

Eat Your Heart Out album cover

Walk Alone

Baby Brains • 2017

Electrified album cover

Try Try Try Again

Dressy Bessy • 2009

Remember This - The Singles album cover

Honky Honda

Dolly Mixture • 2011

R.I.P. album cover

In My Head

Pipe Dreams • 2019

Sleep Year album cover

In My Speakers

Human People • 2016

Pet Town album cover

Sleepy Eyes

Eerie Wanda • 2019

0 album cover

You Disappear

La Luz • 2015

Liebe Resi album cover

Liebe Resi

The Klittens • 2020

So Below album cover


Hoity-Toity • 2023

I Don't Want You Anymore album cover


Cherry Glazerr • 2023

Play With Fire album cover

Dark Horse

L.A. WITCH • 2020

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!