Cat sitting, admiring purple flowers

Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Catch up with some whisker-melting tunes on the last show of Spring quarter!

Cat sitting in chair looking up at camera

Sun, Jun 9, 2024

Shake off this clawful June Gloom with some cattastic meowsic this Sunday from 2-4pm!

Cat lost in flowers

Sun, May 12, 2024

Tune in this Mother's Day for an extra long show! I'm subbing for Sean of M.E.S.S FM from 12-2pm and then my show feat. DJ Monkey from 2-4pm!

Dog sitting on two different levels of steps with purple tint (moody)

Sun, May 5, 2024

Tune in to my first show of May!

Cat stalking

Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Tune this Sunday afternoon for some whisker-melting grooves!

Dog quickly standing up

Mon, Apr 15, 2024

Tune in tonight from 10pm-12am while I sub for Broken Sound on KUCI 88.9FM!

Cat (named DC) licking a treat from someones hand

Sun, Apr 7, 2024

Tune in from 2-4pm for the first show of April!

Cat standing on hind legs, looking at rain behind glass door

Sun, Mar 31, 2024

Even though it's raining cats and dogs, I'm feline fine this Sunday afternoon! Tune in from 2-4pm for the last show of March!

Cat walking through shallow water at a beach

Sun, Mar 24, 2024

I'm back! Tune in from 2-4pm this purrfect Sunday afternoon!

Kitten playing with a green ball.

Sun, Mar 17, 2024

Sadly, I am not in the station today, but I have a wonderful sub who will be playing some of my music (will add tracks after the show)! Next week, I'll be back at it, same cat time, same cat place.

Cat with wreath of flowers on head

Sun, Mar 10, 2024

As usual, playing a multitude of different words and sounds!

Kitten with milk on its face

Sun, Mar 3, 2024

Happy March! Still frothing with cattitude, right here, right meow, for the first show of the month!

Cat behind vines and flowers in a garden

Sun, Feb 25, 2024

Today, I have special guest DJ Mads, who will be playing their music for the second hour of the show! Make sure to tune in from 2-4pm!

Lake Tahoe in the winter.

Sun, Feb 18, 2024

This week I had a wonderful sub! Check out my playlist below!

Cat walking towards the camera with its tail up

Sun, Feb 11, 2024

Tune in from 2-4pm!

Kitten walking in the rain.

Sun, Feb 4, 2024

Happy February! Tune in for a cattastic time on this rainy Sunday afternoon!

Cat drinking water

Sun, Jan 28, 2024

Sharpen your kitty claws and tune in from 2-4pm this Sunday afternoon!

DC (Darn Cat) walking outside

Sun, Jan 21, 2024

Catch up with me this Sunday from 2-4pm!

Cat sitting on old office chair.

Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Tune in from 2-4pm this Sunday afternoon!

Cat wearing sweater sitting on bench in the snow

Sun, Jan 7, 2024

Happy New Year! Tune in this Sunday from 2-4pm for the first show of 2024!

New Year's Eve kitten

Sun, Dec 31, 2023

Tune in to the New Year's Eve show this Sunday from 2-4pm!

Cat in christmas tree among ornaments.

Sun, Dec 24, 2023

Tune in this Christmas Eve Sunday from 2-4pm. Happy Holidays!

Cat's head poking out of deep snow

Sun, Dec 17, 2023

Tune in right meow!

Kitten with mouth open

Sun, Dec 10, 2023

Tune in from 2-4pm on Sunday!

cat rolling in the snow with their tongue out.

Sun, Dec 3, 2023

Happy December! Today DJ Monkey Man is taking over the second hour of the show! Tune in from 2-4pm!

Kitten playing outside

Sun, Nov 26, 2023

Tune in today from 2-4pm!

Cat looking into water

Sun, Nov 19, 2023

This week we have music from DJ Adam for the second half of the show!

Person and cat on sidewalk at night

Sun, Nov 12, 2023

Happy Birthday, Dylan! Tune in from 2-4pm!

Cat sitting in pile of leaves with pumpkin behind

Sun, Nov 5, 2023

Happy November, tune in from 2-4pm!

Dog (Margo) wearing a pumpkin hat

Sun, Oct 29, 2023

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Two kittens inside of a jack-o-lantern.

Sun, Oct 22, 2023

Sharpen your kitty claws and tune in from 2-4pm!

kitten resting on green blanket

Sun, Oct 15, 2023

Tune in till 4pm for some rockin' cattitude!

Cat looking down from tree

Sun, Oct 8, 2023

New show time, right here, right meow!

Cat yawning

Wed, Sep 27, 2023

Tune in today from 12-2pm for my last show at this time! Starting October 8th, my new show time will be Sundays 2-4pm.

Cat touching record on turntable

Wed, Sep 20, 2023

I'm back this week with Intern Josh who will be playing the second hour of the show!

Cat mostly hidden behind large leaves of a plant.

Wed, Sep 13, 2023

I'm sick this week! Tune in next Wednesday from 12-2pm!

Headshot of cat upside down

Wed, Sep 6, 2023

Tune in today from 12-2pm!

Kitten under running shower head

Wed, Aug 30, 2023

My friend Billy's a rockin' today! Tune in for some great Rockabilly and Surf Rock tracks (as well as my usual suspects)!

From behind, DJ sitting at studio desk

Wed, Aug 23, 2023

Tune in from 12–2pm this Wednesday!

Black and white cat

Wed, Aug 16, 2023

Show 20 from 12–2pm Pacific! Little bit of this, whole lotta that

Two cats jumping in the air

Wed, Aug 9, 2023

show 19!

Cat, which some say looks like baby yoda

Wed, Aug 2, 2023

show 18!

Top half of a person sitting wearing a brown suit with the head of a black cat.

Wed, Jul 26, 2023

Something old, something new, something else, too

Wed, Jul 19, 2023

A little bit rowdy, a little bit eccentric, a little bit of everything

Jellyfish swimming in front black background

Wed, Jul 5, 2023

My friends call me Smitty.

Wed, Jun 28, 2023

Come join me for a purrfect set lined with underdog female voices of the past and present!

Wed, Jun 21, 2023

Turn up your dials -- New cattime, same catplace. Come join me 12 - 2pm!

Mon, Jun 12, 2023

My last show of the quarter––right here, right meow.

Mon, Jun 5, 2023

Just catching up

Mon, May 29, 2023

With the right cattitude, anything is pawssible!

Black and white cat sitting like a person on a bed with pillow behind him.

Mon, May 22, 2023


Light brown and black cat sitting on a sound mixing board sniffing the microphone with a pair of computer monitors in the background

Mon, May 15, 2023

Cat-friendly tunes, right cat-now.

Light orange cat's face with a large pair of headphones awkwardly placed on their head

Mon, May 8, 2023

Songs to play as you walk away from the car that just blew up

Light brown and black cat lying down partially underneath a knitted blanket reaching both paws out towards the camera

Mon, May 1, 2023

This week we're catching up with the surfer boys. Tuna in this week for some tubular tracks.

Wide shot with traffic lights in the bottom foreground with a very cloudy and overcast sky in the background

Mon, Apr 24, 2023

Sharpen your kitty claws for my furrocious 4th show with tracks from Sir Chloe, Holly Golightly, Bikini Kill, and many more!

Image of light green medium-sized fenestrated monstera leaf with other leaves in the background

Mon, Apr 17, 2023

I cat believe this! This week

Wide shot overlooking Irvine, CA with houses in the foreground and snowcapped mountains in the background

Mon, Apr 10, 2023

You've cat to be kitten me! This show is frothing with cattitude!

White kitten sitting with blue sky and a few clouds in the background

Mon, Apr 3, 2023

My first live show!

Radio host smiling and giving a thumbs up in a studio with shelves of CDs in the background

Wed, Feb 22, 2023

My name is Smitten Kitten and this is my first live appearance back at KUCI on Big Shirt’s show, The Couch! My theme was the TV show Twin Peaks.