Sun, Feb 11, 2024

Cat walking towards the camera with its tail up

Tune in from 2-4pm!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale album cover

Chemical Dizzy

The Casket Girls • 2014

Forgot About Me album cover

I Can't See It

Pouty • 2024

No Makeup album cover


Summer Cannibals • 2013

Muerte en Paraíso album cover

Por Que

Mujeres Podridas • 2021

So Good - Single album cover

So Good

Nihilist Cheerleader • 2023

KILL! KILL! album cover

Same Difference

Frida Kill • 2023

Again album cover


Ghost Funk Orchestra • 2024

Deerhoof vs. Evil (Deluxe Edition) album cover

Behold a Marvel in the Darkness

Deerhoof • 2011

No Problem, Probably album cover


Post Pink • 2019

Both Before I'm Gone album cover

Clumsy Sky

Girl In a Coma • 2007

Something About the Summer album cover

I Just Wanna Dance

Koko Beware • 2012

Hour of the Dawn album cover

Hour of the Dawn

La Sera • 2014

Lately album cover


POM • 2021

The Road EP album cover

Eureka Moment

The Big Moon • 2016

Crush On You album cover


Smalltown Tigers • 2024

Lost Tapes album cover

Under the Apple Tree

Kitty Craft • 2020

SNAFU album cover

Dog Song

Potty Mouth • 2019

Needed album cover

Back to Dog Jail

NO MEN • 2015

Nose Picker album cover


Negative Scanner • 2018

Bite The Hand That Feeds album cover


Upchuck • 2023

Kikimora Ep album cover

Wig Out

Biblioteka • 2023

Bite Me (Demo) album cover

Bite Me

LEMON BOY • 2021

Goat Girl album cover

Viper Fish

Goat Girl • 2018

Obsession album cover

Has Been

Tea Eater • 2023

Me. Ow. album cover

I Made A Wish

The Darts (U.S.) • 2017

Secret Stare album cover

Streets of Fire

Secret Stare • 2020


Cosmic Cave

Ex Hex • 2019

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!