Sun, Mar 24, 2024

Cat walking through shallow water at a beach

I’m back! Tune in from 2-4pm this purrfect Sunday afternoon!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

Come Down album cover

Come Down

Sweet Tooth • 2024

Butter album cover

Traffic Light

The Klittens • 2024

I Spy with My Little Eye album cover

Red Light

Lemongrab • 2024

Into the Realm of Love album cover

All For Show

Donna Blue • 2024

Saturday Night Sweetheart album cover


Thee Tsunamis • 2015

Subsonic Dream b/w Bullet album cover


The Darts (U.S.) • 2018

Inzombia album cover

Ladybug Superfly

Slant 6 • 1995

Love in the 4th Dimension album cover


The Big Moon • 2017

A Decade of Hits album cover

A Jam

Swim Team • 2020

Mangooona album cover


Brabrabra • 2023

S / T album cover

Numb One

Burnt Palms • 2013

Comet Lovejoy album cover

I've Been Told

Supermoon • 2015

S/T album cover


Sharkmuffin • 2013

Teeth For Pearls album cover

Dell of Ferns

The Dagons • 2003

Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes Could Speak album cover

Find Me

Skelets On Me • 2014

Want album cover


Felines • 2015

Domestication album cover


Try the Pie • 2015

Killin the Past album cover

Velvet Feline

Surfer Rosa • 2010

Cosmic Dial Tone album cover

Hair of the Dog

Tele Novella • 2014

Staring at Trees album cover

Bubbles (My Future Cat)

Wombo • 2017

Shades album cover


Good Sad Happy Bad • 2020

The Story So Far album cover


Mo-Dettes • 1980

Cosmic Coconut (David Sound Wizard Remix) album cover

Cosmic Coconut

Tea Eater • 2024

Tsuki album cover

Space Glow

Sharkmuffin • 2017

Good to Go! album cover

Good to Go!

Los Bitchos • 2021

Portion Control album cover

Melted Wires

Sachet • 2017

House Down album cover

Navy Beach

Brenda’s Friend • 2016

She's a Nightmare album cover

She's A Nightmare

Honeyblood • 2019

Year Of The Spider album cover


Shannon & The Clams • 2021

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!