Sun, Mar 31, 2024

Cat standing on hind legs, looking at rain behind glass door

Even though it’s raining cats and dogs, I’m feline fine this Sunday afternoon! Tune in from 2-4pm for the last show of March!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

In This Unassuming Little House Only Good Things Can Happen album cover

Close my eyes

Birthday Girl • 2024

Drawing Water album cover

So Dark

Drawing Water • 2015

Be Gay Have Fun album cover

Couch to 5K

Pinksqueeze • 2023

Bikini Sleepover's First Sleepover album cover

Flower Song

Bikini Sleepover, Lindenfield • 2019

Welcome to the Dotosphere album cover

Party Cat

DOT • 2020

Would You Rather? album cover

Be Myself

THICK • 2018

You’re Just Jealous / DIY SOS album cover

You're Just Jealous

Crumbs • 2024

Forever album cover


Jabber • 2018

Rosegirl album cover

Two of Us

Rosegirl • 2023

Free Candy album cover


Easy Bruiser • 2022

Nice View album cover

In My Dreams

BBQT • 2019

Black Cat Back Stage album cover

Band Aid

Poppy Patica • 2023

Pulp Music album cover

Warm Spirit

Neurotic Fiction • 2018

The Worst of Itchy and the Nits album cover


Itchy and the Nits • 2024

The Worst of Itchy and the Nits album cover


Itchy and the Nits • 2024

Maggie Fingers album cover


Planet What • 2018

Don't You (Forget About Me) album cover

Don't You (Forget About Me)

cruush • 2020

Velveteen Dream EP album cover

I'm So Popular

Trampoline Team • 2014

Squirt album cover

Kitchner I (Wake Up)

Peachy • 2018

The Fox album cover

It's Neverending

The Rondelles • 1999

Watermelon (Demo Version) album cover

Watermelon (Demo Version)

Queen Chimera • 2020

The Anna Thompsons album cover


The Anna Thompsons • 2014

Cat Fight! album cover

Did it to Myself

Cleverly Detached • 2023

All My Plants Are Dead album cover

All My Plants Are Dead

cruush • 2020

She Don't Use Jelly album cover

She Don't Use Jelly

Dolls • 2017

Blush album cover


Night School • 2016

Fever album cover


Sneeze Attack • 2016

Dull album cover


Chastity Belt • 2017

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale album cover

The Chase

The Casket Girls • 2014

Stuffed & Ready album cover

Wasted Nun

Cherry Glazerr • 2019

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!