Sun, Oct 22, 2023

Two kittens inside of a jack-o-lantern.

Sharpen your kitty claws and tune in from 2-4pm!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

Hollie Cook in Dub (Prince Fatty Presents) album cover

That Very Night Dub

Hollie Cook • 2012

The Incredible Crocotiger album cover

Tomb Sweet Tomb

Messer Chups • 2015

Inzombia album cover


Slant 6 • 1995

Marriage album cover

Give Me a Sign

Deap Vally • 2021

Jinksie album cover

What Is That

Jinksie • 2023

Look At Life Again Soon album cover

Chilled Hidebound Hearts

The Ettes • 2008

Raving Ghost album cover


Olivia Jean • 2023

Teeth For Pearls album cover

Tell it to be Quiet

The Dagons • 2003

Parasite album cover


The Coathangers • 2017

Want album cover

Haunted Beach Party

Felines • 2015

Surf Manitou album cover

Graveyard Curve

The Garrys • 2017

You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying album cover

Time To Go

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs • 2007

In the Light of the Sun album cover

The Ghost I'm After

The BellRays • 2002

Octubre album cover

Heart of Darkness

L.A. WITCH • 2018

Halloween Mask album cover

Stuck in a Dream

Peach Kelli Pop • 2016

Carnival album cover


Hoity-Toity • 2023

Blood and Black Lace album cover

Black Saddle

Messer Chups • 2023

Fun Factory album cover

Fun Factory

Slaughterhouse • 2021

Bring It On! album cover

Crawl Straight Home

Horrorpops • 2005

Stoked on You album cover

Big Headed Alien

The Aquadolls • 2013

Poet's Tooth album cover

Vampire Cowgirl

Tele Novella • 2023

Pussycat album cover


Pip Blom • 2018

Delirum and Dark Waters album cover

Haunted House

Thee Tsunamis • 2014

Jacaranda Blue album cover

Blood from a Stone

Mr. Airplane Man • 2018

Bande à Part album cover

Human Fly

Nouvelle Vague, Phoebe Tolmer • 2006

Grass Stains and Novocaine album cover

I Talk to Frogs

Seablite • 2019

Smiling Politely album cover

Forty Six

Milk Teeth • 2015

Everyone Else album cover

Rotten Pumpkin

Slothrust • 2016

Apocalipstick album cover

Nurse Ratched

Cherry Glazerr • 2017

Superstar Cloud Junior album cover

Superstar Cloud Junior

Cat Jaguar • 2018

Formentera II album cover


Metric • 2023

So Far So Good album cover

Black Eyed Susan

Meernaa • 2023

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