Wed, Aug 16, 2023

Black and white cat

Show 20 from 12–2pm Pacific! Little bit of this, whole lotta that

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

Soft Palms album cover


Soft Palms • 2020

Rhinoceros album cover

Cruel Girl

Calva Louise • 2019

Feels album cover

Play It Cool

FEELS • 2016

Smile album cover


The Phlegms • 2018

Negative Scanner album cover

Fan vs. Wild

Negative Scanner • 2015

Hardcovers album cover

The Sign

Peach Kelli Pop • 2022

Typical Girls album cover


Charm Bags • 2016

Vexx album cover


Vexx • 2014

More Faithful album cover

Remember Nothing

No Joy • 2015

Angry Angles album cover

Set in Stone

Angry Angles • 2016

Why Choose album cover

Why Wait

Shopping • 2015

I Am a Wave album cover

I Am a Wave

Death Valley Girls • 2023

Natural Disaster album cover

Calling On Angels

Bethany Cosentino • 2023

Milk Teeth album cover


Milk Teeth • 2020

Babes Never Die album cover

Cruel Kids

Honeyblood • 2016

C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. album cover

Oh, Head Spin!

Mika Miko • 2006

7 Hearts album cover

Trip Wire

Kitten Forever • 2016

4 Songs album cover


Mock Identity • 2017

Fear This album cover

Scorched Earth

NO MEN • 2023

The Big Fit album cover

Hey Sweet

Skating Polly • 2016

Girls Get Busy album cover

Take The Pain And Use It

Bratmobile • 2002

Leggy album cover


Leggy • 2016

Blood Tears album cover

Return The Favor

Sisu • 2013

Show Us Your Mind album cover


Summer Cannibals • 2015

do u suk album cover

Showering with the Lights Off

Tankini • 2017

Chering is Caring album cover

I'll Be Waiting

Cher Strauberry • 2021

Punks Suing Punks album cover

Kitten Bossanova

Free Kitten • 2015

Boat (Deluxe) album cover


Pip Blom • 2020

Lovelife (2023 Remaster) album cover

I've Been Here Before

Lush • 2023

Split (2023 Remaster) album cover


Lush • 2023

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!