Wed, Aug 23, 2023

From behind, DJ sitting at studio desk

Tune in from 12–2pm this Wednesday!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:


conspiracy theory

Floats • 2023

My Guardian Angel album cover

Web Web Web

Ultra Q • 2023

Intercepted Message album cover


Thee Oh Sees, Osees • 2023

Surely Tempo album cover

Bored News

Surely Tempo • 2023

Friendly album cover

Something Special

Girl Fox • 2019

Common Sense album cover

Common Sense

Potwash • 2023

Collection album cover

Death by Chocolate

Soccer Mommy • 2017

Bark Your Head Off, Dog album cover

The Fox in Motion

Hop Along • 2018

Let It Bleed album cover

Let It Bleed

Sweet Tooth • 2022

Mallet album cover


The Wash • 2023

I Love To Lie album cover


Lowertown • 2022

How To Ruin Your Life Fast album cover

Dial Tone

Couch Dog • 2023

Jazz Compilation 5 album cover

Pencil Song (Where'd You Go)

Slug Bug • 2023

My Best Friend Is You album cover

I Just Love You More

Kate Nash • 2010

Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge album cover

Boy In A Rock And Roll Band

The Pierces • 2008

Morning Zoo album cover

The Window

Ratboys • 2023

For You, Now album cover

Call it Good Times

Winkler • 2023

Spoiled Rat album cover

Crazy Girl Moment

Spoiled Rat • 2023

You and Your Friends album cover

Puppy Grin

Peach Pit • 2020

Never Awake album cover

Never Awake

Alex Vile • 2023

Hello Mary album cover

Sink In

Hello Mary • 2023

Signal album cover


Automatic • 2019

New Kind Of Love album cover

New Kind Of Love

Poise • 2021

Candy Bruise album cover

Placing Bets

Geez Louise • 2022

What Are the Odds? album cover

What Are the Odds?

Growing Pains • 2023

Turbo Nut Forever album cover

El Toro

Turbo Nut • 2023

Swingin' Singles album cover

The Clutch

The Bomboras • 1996

Midnight Soul Serenade album cover

Bumble Bee

Heavy Trash • 2009

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!