Wed, Sep 20, 2023

Cat touching record on turntable

I’m back this week with Intern Josh who will be playing the second hour of the show!

Smitten Kitten's Setlist:

DB Cooper album cover

DB Cooper

Log Flume • 2023

Nine Lives album cover

Nine Lives

Strange Bones, Calva Louise • 2020

Voice 2 Skull album cover

Voice 2 Skull

Body Double • 2023

Strike album cover


La Femme • 2023

Without A Sound album cover

Without A Sound

Hoity-Toity • 2023

Get Back album cover

Get Back

Pip Blom • 2023

Less of Everything album cover

Hidden Track

Es • 2020

Itchy and the Nits album cover

I'm Not Listenin'

Itchy and the Nits • 2023

Shake the Dust album cover

Alley Cat

The Ettes • 2016

Married album cover


Kills Birds • 2021

Spiders album cover


Reckling • 2020

Soft Palms album cover


Soft Palms • 2020

R&B album cover


English Teacher • 2021

Modern Life album cover

The Problem

Jeen • 2016

Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears album cover

No Tides

Human People • 2018

Happy Birthday album cover

You’ve Got a Lot of Issues

Sneaks • 2020

I Don't Really Like It album cover

I Don't Really Like It

Panic Shack • 2020

My Spotify Playlist:

Listen Here  |  Includes the songs above plus some extras that I didn't have time to play!